The Agricultural Cooperation

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Agricultural Cooperation of Vrodou in Pieria

The Agricultural Cooperative SPEKO Vrondou numbers about 400 members, active producers.
Activitates in:
 in the production and sale of tobacco leaves of the variety Σ53 (Katerini) 
 (tobacco, table grapes, olives, cereals, pomegranates, kiwi trees, horticultural products), the sale of agricultural supplies to the members of the cooperative and to producers who are not members of the cooperative for all the crops in the wider region of Vrodou
 in the Certification of Tobacco Producers with the Agro Integrated Management System 2.1 and 2.2 from 2007
 in the Certification of the Grape Producing Members of the Cooperative with Global Gap since 2009
 the education of the members of the cooperative for new crops, innovations in agricultural production, participation in research programs of innovative crops (eg stevia - participation in experimental parcels in the years 2007-2008-2009 DIVTOB Program).


Administration - Staff:
Administrative Council
President: Natsios George of Christos
Vice President: Spanos Ioannis of Nicholaos
Cashier: Papamanos George of Ioannis
Secretary: Golemas Dimitrios of Lazarus
Tsimitris George of Nicholaos
Tsianakas Ioannis of George
Papachristos Minas of Vassilios
Secretary: Tioutoufas Chris of Konstantinos
Warehouse Responsible: Tsimitris Antonis of Konstantinos
Agronomist Consultant - Certifications Observer: Leinas Dimitris of Athanasios